1. Do not work where you sleep

How many of us have sat on the hotel bed working when on a business trip? Many for sure, but don’t be tempted to bring that bad habit home with you. Leading neuroscientists state that the brain will automatically associate activities with places if you do it often enough. Working from your bed should always be avoided.

2. Natural light

No brainier really, natural light is associated with energy, positivity and creativity. Avoid dark working situations but also chose the screen orientation carefully too avoid screen glare.

3. Personal yet professional

You have the opportunity to add some personal touches which is not a given in the office. Making the space personal will make you feel comfortable and inspired. However, don’t go over board.

4. Green is the colour

It has been proven again and again that greenery gives you a mental boost. A small potted plant with a lot of green or even a cactus will do the trick.

5. Less is more

Don’t be tempered to find a space for everything on your desk even if you have the space. There are tools you only use on occasion and they should only come out when needed. Less on the desk will give you a more organised feeling and despite some saying they need it, nobody works well where chaos prevails.

6. A good chair is essential 

The advantage of good posture will not only help you feel comfortable at your desk but will also help towards keeping your spine healthy as you get older. Don’t forget what the physiotherapist says...the best sitting position is the next sitting position. Shift you sitting position as often as you can and also stand up and move about regularly.


7. Tech spec.

Along with the right chair, the right tech spec is important. Make sure your employer coughs up a decent monitor, keyboard and mouse for your desk. Top of the monitor at eye level and wrist rest for your hands in front of the keyboard, always handy.