Smart Office

Using wifi extenders does not always give you the desired result. We install an additional router in your office that can function either as a separate network which you can restrict access to if required or as duplicate to your home network for everyone to use. Either way the result is the same WiFi strength in your office and in your home network.

If you share the network with the family then they will have wifi all over the garden for those summer deck chair days.

The light switches are manual and WiFi controlled. So you can control any them from your mobile, alexa, google home etc. Especially handy if you loop in garden lighting. The heating is electrical and fully programmable. It to can be controlled through your WiFi network. 

The buildings electrics are installed by a certified electrician. We don’t feed off existing cables but take a new feed off the main fuse box. We install the office fuse box in the most suitable location in the building.